Monday, January 2, 2012

My God is bigger than yours!

There are so many differences between the brothers and sisters in Christ, but something that a friend of mine said hit me hard. He said, "Do you realize that, even though you may not get along with certain people now, you will be standing next to them praising God for eternity in heaven." So in some of my past blogs I have been a bit of a stormtrooper on some issues. But those issues should never cloud the fact that these people (for the most part) are all brothers and sisters in Christ. The issues I will address here in the future are obviously temporal problems, which Jesus will solve upon his return. But I want to focus on things that affect our witnessing opportunities.

Issues about authority, Calvinism, end times etc. do have an effect on the unsaved world and my brothers and sisters in Christ. On one facebook post, I saw a (professing) Christian say to another Christian "we don't worship the same god" and the former continued to lay into my friend about his beliefs about Christianity on facebook. Now as a disclaimer, this offensive person happens to be a very dogmatic, calvinist-hating, KJV only-er. All this to say, there will always be malcontents, but I sense that many of the fundamentalist churches are full of the wrong kind of zealots, people who would rather be a porcupine to the fellowship by nit-picking the families, than to do anything helpful or useful in the church. I'm noticing that most of these kinds of people want a status quo, just so that they can consistently complain about it. I would love to actually reason with these "brothers", but unfortunately the belligerent, angry, illogical,no-questions-allowed kind of spirit that many of them have pervades their thought process. I only can pray, and hope that God, in his sovereign all-powerful will, chooses to tweak their thought process and spirit.

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  1. Some of my favorite posts are the ones that I can't immediately think of a way to add to them.

    Well said.